Issue 3

Poem In Which Our Friendship Is A Young Coconut by Alison Winch

Poem In Which I Learn From Twitter by Anthony Adler

Poem In Which I View The Moon With Sewn-Shut Eyes by Charlotte Chappel

Poem in Which I Respond to Notes in the Margins of Ian Hamilton Finlay’s Selections by Chrissy Williams

Poem In Which A Visitor Asks After Christie by Declan Ryan

Poem In Which Stimuli Wreck Me by Emily Toder

Poem In Which My Grandfather Is A Unicorn by Fran Lock

Poem In Which All The Nouns, Verbs And Adjectives Are Entries From The Wikipedia Page ‘List Of Fantasy Worlds’ by Harry Giles

Poem In Which We Journey Through The Brain of A Nightingale by Harry Man

Poem in Which God at 1% is Acknowledged by Julia Bird

The Sea by Mark Waldron

(Oh by Mark Waldron

Poem In Which We Break Up by Petra Kamula

Poem In Which I Am At One With Nature by Rebecca Perry

Farewell to Bread by Roddy Lumsden

Poem In Which We Are Struck by Rosie Breese

Poem In Which A Parasite Lives by Sampurna Chattarji

Poem In Which Eric Cantona Graces Us With His Presence by Stephen Connolly

Poem In Which I Wrestle a Bear by SJ Fowler

Christian Rock Stars by Wayne Holloway-Smith

The Blue Velvet Tale by Wioletta Grzegorzewska – (trans. Marek Kazmierski)

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