poem in which I mention at the last minute an orrery

to be honest there are certain
people i have only ever met in
the rain

i am a moon and you
are a moon
i mean i am the moon and
yes you are too
i am calmer when we’re the
moon if you can believe such
a thing

consider the things my body is
for example there is a part of it
which is an ankle
another part which i can only describe as
the distance between distance
and distance
a part which makes a muffled
hopeful noise and another part which is
an ankle

on the moon there is an american flag
on us though there is nothing
just now

of the 47 nesting herons
displaced by the recent storms
47 died

i have stopped doing the thing you sometimes
complain about
which we notice at the same time
tapioca exists you’ve just
remembered and so tell me

oh my heavens we think and then
the word tapioca

moon and moon

all the same there are certain people
i have never met

good morning pop music
is inside me like a wind
pop music is in me like
gas in the moon

there is an orrery
of us
i have seen it behind
glass and it is true

Crispin Best

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