Issue 1

Poem In Which Shaggy Kittens Threaten Everything by Rhian Allen Douglas

Poem In Which by Amy Key

Poem In Which Caps Lock Is Used by Alex MacDonald

Poem In Which The Blackthorn Apricot Ponders The Urn by Camellia Stafford

Poem In Which I Eat Porridge For Breakfast by Charlotte Geater

Poem In Which I Watch The Bus Switch Indicators As I Run Towards It 

Poem In Which I Delete Your Phone Number

Poem In Which You Ask How You Can Tell Real Pearls From High Quality Fakes by Claire Trévien

Poem In Which No-one Touches Me by Melissa Lee-Houghton

Poem In Which I Am At Stake by Nia Davies

Poem In Which I Write Triolets To Everyone Who’s Viewed My Linked In Profile In The Last Seven Days by Rishi Dastidar

Black Poem (In) W(h)itch Moth by Sarah Crewe

Poem In Which She Is Only Able To Whisper by Sophie Collins

Poem In Which There Is A Silence by Sophie Mayer

Poem In Which She Always Leaves by Wayne Holloway-Smith

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