Issue 4

Poem in Which We Compare Several Descriptions of that Ingenious Hidalgo of La Mancha by John Canfield

Chekhov’s Gun by Joey Connolly

Poem in Which We Hear the Word ‘Drone’ by Josephine Corcoran

Poem in Which A Girl Paints My Nails by Francine Elena

Poem in Which I Send a Postcard From The Gobi by Nicola Gledhill

Letter from Kurt by Giles Goodland

Poem in Which I Am a Real Person at the Hairdressers by Emma Hammond

Poem in Which the Codeine Doesn’t Take the Edge Off by Melissa Lee-Houghton

Dowgate by Eireann Lorsung

Poem for Which There is No Explanation by Fiona Moore

Poem in Which You Blame The Demon by Bobby Parker

Poem in Which Girl Speaks to Snake by Abigail Parry

Poem in Which The Pentothal Kicks In by Samuel Prince

aranka, the name alone by Lutz Seiler translated by Alexander Booth

The Early Shift by Anna Selby

(algarve) by Karl Smith

Poem in Which Gertrude Stein Gets Remixed by Alexander Speaker

Outside at The Lamb by Martha Sprackland

Poem in Which A Fridge is Broken by Dollie Stephan

Poem in Which I Up the Ante by Paul Stephenson

Poem in Which I’m a Bird by Mark Waldron

Kathy by Sarah Wedderburn

Children. Children. By Anat Zecharia translated by Irit Sela

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