Issue 9

Poem in which I am a valued member of Warpaint by Joe Dunthorne

Poem in which the girls arrive by Annie Katchinska

Poem in which my hairline recedes by Dai George

Poem in Which the Season Turns Septemberish by Claudine Toutoungi

Poem in which witches witched, allegedly by Jerrold Bowam

Poem in Which Every Day is Halloween by Siegfried Baber

poem in which I wish I had children by Ian Cartland

Poem in which a knife bursts a bubble by SJ Fowler

Poem in Which I Suffer a Slow Death in Chelsea by Angela Kirby

Poem in Which You Buy The Flowers Yourself by Ella Frears

Poem in Which I Drift Off While an Astrophysicist Tells Me About What Makes His Relationship Work by Harry Man

Poem in which there are no poems by Camellia Stafford

poem in which she unfolded by Lauren Vevers

Poem in Which I Write a Pocket Encyclopaedia of Enlightenment Man-Philosophers (A How-to Guide) by Alison Winch

Poem in Vitch Ve Kondukt en On-est Ekschainch by Sophie Herxheimer

Poem in Which I Sell You a Dog by Jack Nicholls

Poem in which a dog doesn’t know why to stay quiet by Sarah Jean Alexander

Cento In Which by Jenna Clake

Poem in which my better self is an eternal debutante by Rachel Piercey