Issue 7

Lorraine Mariner — Poem in Which I Turn 40 and Admit to still Fantasizing About Being in a Rock Band

Andrew McMillan — Poem in Which the Body is Praised

Daisy Lafarge — Poem in Which the Girl Strays Beyond the Course Material

Judy Brown — Poem in Which I Am Not Shortsighted

Jessica Schouela — Poem In Which I Watch Jane Brakhage Give Birth

Alanna McArdle — Poem in Which I Am Discharged from Hospital

Katrina Naomi — Poem in Which She Wears Her Favourite Wedding Dress

John McCullough — Poem in Which My Mind Has a Cat Flap

Laura Webb — Poem in Which It Is Yet to Snow

Karl Smith — Poem in Which Everything Remains Much the Same

Graeme Bezanson — Poem in Which All is Inclusive

Joe Turrent — Poem in Which Hermann Will Remain

Megan Watkins — Two Poems in Which

Joey Connolly — Poem in Which Go I

Rosie Breese — Poem in Which I Google Myself

Dan Barrow — Poem in Which Derek Jarman Looks at a Forest

Fiona Moore — Poem in Which I Think Myself Out

Matt Haigh — Poem in Which The Unremarkable is Feared

Emily Hasler — Poem in Which I Prepare the Passata 24 Hours in Advance

Simon Barraclough — Poem in Which Proust Detects Exoplanets

Rebecca Goss — Poem in Which I Spent the Day Being Rachel

Kieran Ryan — Poem in Which Lightning Strikes

Daisy Behagg — Poem in Which The Scale is Constantly Variable

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