to our dear readers


After 10 issues, over 200 poems published – with five featured in Best British Poetry anthologies and numerous finding their way into poets’ collections – working with some of the best poets writing today, the editors have decided to close Poems in Which.

We’re proud to have had over 30,000 readers visit Poems in Which from over 60 countries. We are also proud to have been an advocate for making poems published in online magazines eligible for more major poetry competitions. The website will stay open for the next year and then, after that, the magazine will be available through the Web Archive at the British Library.

Thank you to everyone who has read Poems in Which, thank you to everyone who has submitted work and our thanks go out especially to those who agreed to publish with us (the full contributor list is below – look at those names!).

With all our love,

Amy, Rebecca, Wayne and Alex


Abigail Parry

Agnes Marton

Alanna McArdle

Alex Bell

Alexander Booth

Alexander Speaker

Alison Winch

Amy Blakemore

Andrea Quinlan

Andrew McMillan

Angela Kirby

Angela Readman

Anna Selby

Annie Katchinska

Anthony Adler

Aria Aber

Barbara Barnes

Ben Stainton

Bobby Parker

Camellia Stafford

Charlotte Chappel

charlotte Geater

Chloe Stopa-Hunt

Chrissy Williams

Claire Trevien

Claudine Toutoungi

Clyde Kessler

Cowan Montague

Crispin Best

Dai George

Daisy Behagg

Daisy Lafarge

Dan Barrow

Declan Ryan

Dollie Stephan

Eireann Lorsung

Ella Frears

Emily Hasler

Emily Toder

Emma Hammond

Emma Jeremy

Erik Kennedy

Fiona Moore

Fran Lock

Francine Elena

Gence Barber

Giles Goodland

Graeme Bezanson

Harry Giles

Harry Man

Holly Hopkins

Holly Isemonger

Ian Cartland

Irit Sela

Isobel Dixon

Jack Nicholls

Jake Brukhman

Jane Yeh

Jeff Hilson

Jen Campbell

Jenna Clake

Jennifer L. Knox

Jérome Poirier

Jerrold Bowam

Jessica Schouela

Joe Dunthorne

Joe Turrent

Joey Connolly

John Canfield

John Clegg

John McCullough

Jon Stone

Josephine Corcoran

JT Welsch

Judy Brown

Julia Bird

Karl Smith

Kate Potts

Kate Wise

Kathryn Maris

Katrina Naomi

Katy Evans-Bush

Kieran Ryan

Kirsten Irving

Laura Webb

Lauren Vevers

Leah Umansky

Lisa Kelly

Lorraine Mariner

Lucy Mercer

Luke Kennard

Marcus Slease

Marek Kazmierski

Maria Taylor

Markie Burnhope

Mark Waldron

Martha Sprackland

Matt Haigh

Matthew Welton

Megan Watkins

Melissa Lee-Houghton

Michael Naughten-Shanks

Michael Preece

Natalie Chin

Natalya Anderson

Nicola Gledhill

Nisha Bhakoo

Paul McGrane

Paul Stephenson

Pearl Pirie

Peter Daniels

Petra Kamula

Prudence Chamberlain

R.A. Villanueva

Rachel Long

Rachel Piercey

Rebecca Goss

Rebecca Tamas

Rebecca Varley-Winter

Rhian Allen Douglas

Richard Barrett

Rishi Dastidar

Roddy Lumsden

Rosie Breese

Roy Marshall

Sampurna Chattarji

Samuel Prince

Sara Peters

Sarah Crewe

Sarah Franciose

Sarah Jean Alexander

Sarah Wedderburn

Scherezade Siobhan

Shelia Hamilton

Siegfried Barber

Simon Barraclough

Siofra McSherry

SJ Fowler

Sophie Collins

Sophie Herxheimer

Sophie Mayer

Stacey Teague

Stephen Connolly

Stevie Ronnie

Tania Hershman

Tim Wells

W.N. Herbert

Wioletta Grzegorzewska

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