Issue 5

Three Poems in Which by Alexander Booth

Poem in Which He Mixes A Drink In My Head by Alison Winch

Poem in Which We Eat Breakfast Late by Charlotte Geater

Poem in Which I Call You From Under The Sea by Claire Trévien

Poem in Which I Mention at the Last Minute An Orrery by Crispin Best

Poem in Which I Address My Friend Tony by Emma Jeremy

Poem in Which I Explain to the Stag Why No More Stag Poems Will Ever Be Written by Fran Lock

Poem in Which My Life is Like The Chuckle Brothers’ by Holly Hopkins 

Poem in Which sequence by Isobel Dixon

Poem in Which We Fall From Grace and Overcoat by Jake Brukhman

Poem in Which I Contrive to Convey Most of the Knowledge of Which I am Possessed by JT Welsch

Poem in Which I Consider My Labours by Kate Potts

Poem In Which I Reside in a Female Prison with Two Male Guards and No Allies by Kathryn Maris

Poem in Which The Poet Takes a Step Back by Leah Umansky

Poem in Which I Think About String by Marcus Slease

Poem in Which An Alarm Is Set by Prudence Chamberlain

Poem in Which the Girl Has No Door on Her Mouth by Rebecca Perry

Poem in Which the Sky Proves Not to be Eating the Poet by Richard Barrett

Poem in Which I Fall by Sarah Wedderburn

Poem in Which There Are Hatters by Sheila Hamilton

Poem in Which the RRS Discovery’s Maiden Voyage is Recalled by Siofra McSherry

Poem in Which the Noose Tightens by Stephen Connolly

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