Issue 6

Poem in Which I Never Leap Home by Alex Bell

Poem in Which Darlings by Amy Blakemore

Poem in Which I am Wearing A Pair of Cat Eye Sunglasses by Andrea Quinlan

Poem in Which I Talk in My Head to the Woman Opposite Me in the Quiet Carriage from Paddington to Bodmin Parkway by Barbara Barnes

Poem in Which My Womb is a Whale by Rebecca Varley-Winter

Poem in which Sleep is a Polyrhythm by Holly Isemonger

Four Poems in Which by Isobel Dixon

Poem in Which 2003 Called by Joey Connolly

Poem in Which Kid Jupiter Has Hidden The Gumbo Ingredients by Jon Stone

Two Poems in Which by Katy Evans-Bush

Poem in Which No Angels Dance on the Head of a Pin by Lisa Kelly

Poem in Which Every Entrance is an Exit by Michael Naughten-Shanks

Poem in Which Maple Syrup Saves my Life by Natalya Anderson

Poem in Which I Stand Next to An Emperor by Roddy Lumsden

Poem in Which by Roy Marshall

Poem in Which I Burn Your House Down by Sarah Crewe

Poem in Which She Hides a Love Letter by Sarah Franciose

Poem in Which I Advise on Laundry by Sarah Wedderburn

Poem in Which I Love Dick by Stacey Teague

Poem in Which I Learn That Some People are Better At This Than I Am by Tania Hershman

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