Poem in which I turn 40 and admit to still fantasizing about being in a rock band

We’re back with our seventh studio album
after a five-year hiatus our keyboard player
my childhood sweetheart and co-song writer
having left us for a model and a solo career
but the songs I’ve written since his departure
are full of treachery and turmoil and complicated
chord sequences and have brought us a whole new
generation of teenage followers and now we’re on
the road and I’m having the best sex of my life
with our drummer who’s in the best shape
of his life after giving up drugs and alcohol
and red meat and taking up long distance running
and our female lead guitarist who’s also always
been in love with me is consumed with jealousy
and passion and this is being translated into guitar
solos which are up there with the best of them
and tickets for our show are changing hands
for thousands of pounds and I even find it
in my heart to speak well of my ex-husband
and his disappointing solo albums in interviews
and the critics? The critics all say I’m at the height
of my powers and my voice has never been richer.

Lorraine Mariner

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