Site of the original water gate into London

This impossible crown of fowers.
This accumulation of fluid in the back of the brain.

Blisters on the hands where we went on all fours.
A bruise shaped like a human heart.

Names pinned to last portraits.
Blood mixing with water, astonishing new dress.

Whose cutoff finger warrants no attention these days.
Which fragment did you say was colorless.

√Čireann Lorsung

Coming soon in Poems in Which Issue 4

The editors are delighted to announce the contributors for Issue 4:

Lutz Seiler translated by Alexander Booth

Melissa Lee-Houghton

Mark Waldron

Abigail Parry

Emma Hammond

Bobby Parker

Anat Zecharia translated by Irit Sela

Josephine Corcoran

Dollie Stephan

Samuel Prince

Francine Elena

Nicola Gledhill

Fiona Moore

Paul Stephenson

John Canfield

Alexander Speaker

Martha Sprackland

Eireann Lorsung

Joey Connolly

Anna Selby

Sarah Wedderburn

Karl Smith

Giles Goodland

and new artwork from Sophie Gainsley