Poem in Which Stimuli Wreck Me

The kill and the white chevrons
on the M4 are my crutch
and I use them
The sun crap and diffuse and the cows scattered
are romantic and I use them
I use the brown and the white-spotted
bathing blobs in the fields to feel
as the road grows
The gleamy double bus is a trigger I use
What wrecks me is the slogan
which can’t sway me cause I tried it
I’m so suggestible and deaf
I try to not see the Welsh
And I use the wooden fork to provoke me
in the peas which are exotic
I mean the stick with a slit of tongue
a fork has a tine
to distress me
I use the white wind energy to feel
what an alien feels, an unpracticed marvel
on this tilt of island which is settled
And I use the idea of an alien
to feel pretty human relatively
and to emphasize my humanity which is also true
And I use the alien to feel close to you
my quiet blind earthling fellow
Check my body

Emily Toder

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