Poem in which I know what I want

I get what I like. I like to get
all the facts. I could disappear
everything. I might make you
my familiar. My mouth, your ears.

I like it natural., I abhor anything
artificial. I meet people in plain
sight, in places like woods
and meadows. My life is mine.

I can be moody. I make matters
worse when I make them strange.
I’m not ashamed. I’m not mad.
I think my mind’s a sponge.

I can enjoy the smoke outdoors,
but live to breathe at home. I’m fairly
unsafe left out and about. I’m not
there any more. My position varies.

I have thought about things like
the five-pointedness of the stars
and the taste of toothpaste. I am
philosophical. My place or yours.

Peter Daniels

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