Poem in Which a Nihilist Journeys to the Beigel Shop

– Ten pound note and no change.
– Leaves the flat, locks the door. Wants all to be as it was upon his return.
– Down two flight of stairs, past three other flats. Hears noise from one: Richard Hell singing ‘Blank Generation’.
– Street door and out.
– A beggar asks for change. Every day same question.
– Gives nothing as once he has they will always expect and both of them should expect nothing.
– The Pelican crossing, button pushed by a woman on her way to yoga.
– Waits for the green man, empathises with the red.
– Traffic halts, crosses the street.
– Through the door.
– Double espresso, chopped herring beigel, doughnut.
– Ring doughnut.
– Home.

Tim Wells 

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